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Two Shelter Movers volunteers unloading items. Image: Submitted/Michelle Tupy

Volunteers needed to help families move to safer homes

By Regis Phillips Jan 29, 2024 | 6:33 AM

Shelter Movers is a national organization providing moving and storage services at no cost to individuals and families fleeing abuse.

There are nine chapters across Canada, and the Greater Moncton chapter celebrated its first year in service this month.

Chapter director Michelle Tupy said 90 people are volunteering in Greater Moncton, but they’re always looking for more.

“There is a huge need in the community right now for survivors, and they need to move out of their current housing situation,” said Tupy.

“We have a lot of volunteer roles available, from the administrative side to the actual moving and driving side participating on the actual move.”

Tupy said people do not need any previous volunteer experience to become part of the organization, adding that orientation and training are provided.

“All of our volunteers, whether admin or on the moves, go through similar training in terms of they would have an interview, then they would do a two-hour orientation, and then they would need to submit a criminal record check,” said Tupy.

“If they were looking at another role such as move coordinator, scheduling coordinator or even volunteer recruitment, then we would offer more training so they would have a better understanding of the organization.”

Tupy noted volunteers don’t have a required amount of hours to be available for, saying movers and drivers can volunteer once a month if possible.

“We work with a volunteer hub system where everything’s online in terms of the move, so you will know in advance when a move is going to be happening. If you know you’re available then you sign up. If you’re not available then you can’t,” said Tupy.

“Obviously the admin roles work a bit differently. You might have a set shift, or if you’re working full-time you might need to check your emails when you get home. But again, we work with what you’re able to give us. We’re very flexible.”