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Lunenburg seeks civic-minded residents for Council Advisory Committees

By Evan Taylor Sep 6, 2023 | 2:06 PM

Chris Shervey / CC

The historic town of Lunenburg is calling upon its community members to step up and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of their picturesque town. With an eye towards bolstering local democracy and ensuring the voices of its residents are heard, Lunenburg Town Council is actively seeking individuals eager to serve on three crucial advisory committees.

As of now, there are three coveted seats available on the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC), two openings on the Audit Committee, and one cherished spot on the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC). These committees serve as essential conduits between the town council and its constituents, offering specialized advice on matters that resonate with the heart of Lunenburg.

Council advisory committees are composed of dedicated residents and councillors who share a common passion for preserving the unique charm and character of Lunenburg. They lend their expertise and insights to council, contributing to the formulation of policies, steering pivotal projects, and influencing decisions that hold sway over the town’s destiny.

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) plays a pivotal role in shaping the town’s growth and development, ensuring that it aligns with the cherished heritage and vision of Lunenburg. Meanwhile, the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) works tirelessly to safeguard the town’s historical treasures, preserving its rich past for future generations to cherish. The Audit Committee, with its mandate of ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency, keeps a watchful eye on the town’s finances, instilling confidence in residents and stakeholders alike.

The opportunity to serve on these committees represents a chance for Lunenburg’s residents to make a lasting impact on their beloved community. Those interested in contributing their time, expertise, and dedication to the town’s betterment are encouraged to complete the Application for Council Advisory Committee. The selection of committee members rests with the Town Council, who will vote on the nominees during their meeting scheduled for September 26th.

For more information about each committee, or to access committee minutes and agendas, please visit the Town of Lunenburg’s official website, where detailed insights into their functions and roles can be found.

This call for community involvement underscores Lunenburg’s commitment to inclusive and transparent governance, firmly rooted in the belief that the best decisions are made when the perspectives of the entire community are considered. For further inquiries and to express your interest in serving on one of these esteemed committees, kindly contact the Municipal Clerk, Kate Byrne, at kbyrne@townoflunenburg.ca .


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