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Network to be formed for residents facing erosion on shorelines

By Tara Clow Sep 6, 2023 | 8:07 AM

Erosion is becoming a bigger concern in one New Brunswick community with homes along shorelines.

Residents at risk of erosion are invited to join a new network.

Spokesperson Paul Landry says it’ll look at ways to adapt to climate change on coastal properties in Cap-Acadie.

“The reason why I was called to action is because of the devastation with Fiona. We were not touched last year on our property, but it was devastation all around us. And it became evident to me that we have to stop being complacent and we have to work together as residents to try to find solutions not to eliminate the risks. There will always be risks of erosion when you live by the shore, but we need to reduce the risks associated with the erosion that we’re getting. I’m originally from New Brunswick and moved back from Ottawa 15 years ago. About a year after we moved, we lost four feet of frontage along the coastline.

He adds that the storms have been devastating, “We need to find ways to work together to share best practices. I would suspect about 700 or 800 properties are affected by this, either properties that are directly on the shoreline or properties that are not far from the shoreline because the water does recede and does come in quite a bit.”

He says rock walls have been added as a form of protection against erosion, but Landry says they will not sustain damages over the long term if they are the only things being done.

The network will launch on September 16th.

If you are interested in joining the Network, reach out to Paul directly at 506-332-0108 or email for more information.


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