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Town of Antigonish to discuss implementing Nuisance Party By-law

By Joe Thomson Sep 5, 2023 | 9:27 AM

A photo of Main Street in Antigonish (Source: Antigonish Town Hall Web Cam).

The Town of Antigonish is holding a meeting to discuss a new bylaw that would keep parties from getting out of hand.

The proposed Nuisance Party By-Law is based on a by-law of the same name that was passed by the Town of Wolfville last year. The Wolfville by-law gives police officers the ability to shut down any party that violates any of the following rules:

  • public intoxication.
  • the unlawful sale, furnishing, or distribution of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
  • the unauthorized deposit of litter on public or private property.
  • damage to public or private property.
  • the obstruction of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or interference with the ability to provide emergency services.
  • sound that is unusual or excessive, or that is likely to be unwanted by or disturbing to persons.
  • unauthorized open burning.
  • public disturbance, including confrontations and violence.
  • outdoor public urination or defecation.
  • use of or entry upon a roof not intended for such occupancy.

It carries a fine of $400 dollars for a first offence and can jump up to $900 with repeat offences.

The bylaw is likely aimed at controlling parties hosted by StFX students off of campus which have caused friction with the local community. With a new school year starting it seems the town is trying to curb excessive partying before it starts.


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