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Queens extends boil water advisory until at least September 7th

By Evan Taylor Aug 31, 2023 | 12:59 PM

Alabama Extension

The Region of Queens announced on Thursday morning that the boil water advisory that’s been in place since August 9 will be extended until at least September 7th.

The water treatment plant which was damaged by lighting, was fully repaired last week, however pumping chlorine into the system takes time, and isn’t always perfect.

In an interview conducted on Tuesday, August 29, Region of Queens Mayor Darlene Norman explained that the water from the treatment plant takes up to eight days to reach the furthest points of the water infrastructure.

Chlorine has been getting added to the system for over a week now in hopes of reaching consistent testing levels across the water system, but Norman explained that when unchlorinated water comes into contact with the treated water it burns off the chlorine at a higher rate, and makes giving exact predictions on when the issue will be resolved difficult.

The hope was the testing on Thursday would show consistent levels that would allow the advisory to be lifted, however, that was not the case, and as such the water boil advisory will remain in effect till September 7th, when it will once again be tested.


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