The provincial government is supporting Four Eyes Financial with an investment in market development and payroll assistance.

Established in 2015, Four Eyes Financial is a regulatory technology firm. This sector provides tools and technology for organizations to help them navigate the requirements related to regulations and reporting, particularly in the financial sector.

It will receive $25,000 in market development funding to expand its client base across Canada and the United States. The firm expects its marketing push will result in more than $750,000 in new revenue opportunities.

Opportunities NB is also providing up to $480,000 in the form of a payroll rebate to assist the company in hiring 40 new, full-time employees over the next three years.

“At Four Eyes Financial, we are passionate about maximizing the benefits of innovative technologies to transform how the investment industry protects investors and increases market integrity,” said co-founder and CEO Lori Weir. “With Opportunities NB’s support, we are growing our workforce, expanding our product offering and entering new markets. We are excited about where that takes us next.”