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First Day of School Today!

By Tim Davidson Aug 30, 2023 | 8:41 AM

Kids are heading back to school today.

Inspector Jeff Duggan of the OPP says they want motorists to be extra careful on the roads today, especially regarding school buses.

“Make sure we’re coming to that full stop, especially when the stop arms are out, that is a huge fine under the Highway Traffic Act and very dangerous,” states Duggan.

“Make sure we’re coming to a complete stop.  Make sure those kids are fully across the road.”

Duggan adds that motorists should be paying attention to students heading to class, because the kids might not be.

“We just asking people to slow down and be aware of the kids around.  First day, first week, they’re getting into their new routine of getting up and going to school.  You know, maybe they are not watching as closely as they should either.  So take the extra time, leave five minutes early.  Just take it easy going to work and just watch for kids crossing the road.”



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