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Queens to test water on Thursday in hopes of lifting boil water advisory

By Evan Taylor Aug 29, 2023 | 3:25 PM


The Region of Queens completed repairs to its water treatment plant last week after it was damaged on August 9 during a heavy thunderstorm, and testing will be done this week to determine if the water is now safe to drink.

A boil water advisory has been in place for 20 days, and Mayor Darlene Norman says that residents are understandably growing frustrated with the situation.

“We have put resources in place so that people have plenty of access to water, but obviously it makes everyone’s lives more difficult when they can’t just turn on their taps and use water as they normally would,” said Norman.

Still, Norman understands the need for the water to be fully compliant with water safety regulations before they make any decisions and chlorine has been pumping into the system for over a week now in hopes of getting it back to acceptable levels.

“The staff at the plant told me that it takes about 8 days for treated water to reach the outer limits of our system, so it takes time and we want to ensure that we have consistent, safe chlorine levels across our system before making any decisions,”.

The Region of Queens is expecting the latest testing results in on Thursday, August 31, and they will make an announcement either lifting the water boil advisory, or extending it.



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