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Warning for Taylor Swift fans and ticket scams: BBB

By Caitlin Snow Aug 29, 2023 | 11:43 AM

RCMP are warning of a texting scam targeting Nova Scotians hard hit by Fiona. (Photo: Rendered in Canva)

If you missed out on Taylor Swift tickets, but are still hoping to get to the concert, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning about scams on reselling platforms.

The organization says those who were lucky enough to nab tickets, may resell them on certain platforms such as StubHub, SeatGeek, or Vivid Seats

They emphasize, however, it’s very important to understand how those websites work.

Many of those sites, are completely legitimate, but scammers are using the websites to their advantage because many of them are using online tickets with QR codes, and many still don’t completely understand how they work. BBB says the most popular way of getting scammed is when the scammers pretend to transfer their tickets from one of these sites. Many will provide phony ticket codes and QR codes that look completely real.

BBB says scammers will also browse through fan sites for Taylor Swift and contact the fans directly about their ‘tickets’ they have for sale. The scammer appears to be a fellow ‘Swiftie’ so they seem real. They will ask for an email money transfer, when the money is sent, the scammer will stop responding or make excuses why they can’t talk about the tickets.  They will then block the buyer, ensuring they can no longer get their money back.

It can be really difficult identifying whether your ticket is safe. Some scammers will even hold up their end of the bargain until you get to the gates of the stadium, and then your ticket won’t scan.

BBB says it’s really important to do your homework to know exactly who you are buying your ticket from.

The ‘Cruel Summer’ singer recently announced her tour is coming to Canada in 2024 in Toronto.


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