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KPDSB readying for the new school year

By Tim Davidson Aug 29, 2023 | 10:18 AM

Kids head back to class on Wednesday, but teachers are getting an head start.

They reported for work yesterday and will be back today for professional development.

Christy Radbourne is the Director of Education for the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board and says the teachers are being briefed on some of the changes to the curriculum.

“They are spending these two days learning a number of topics, particularly with the new literacy curriculum,” explains Radbourne.

“Continuing our work in literacy achievements and the new work we’re doing in mathematics, with the new screeners and focussed programming to ensure we’re improving instruction for all students in mathematics.”

Radbourne adds they are looking forward to the new changes.

“This year we’re instituting a new tool for our educators, and they’ll be learning it throughout the year.  It will really help them pinpoint where the student needs are, where students strengths are, and how we can best serve each child, to be sure they are meeting those benchmarks, to prepare them for their futures.”

Radbourne adds there are a number of changes mandated by the Ministry of Education, not only for the teachers, but school boards as well.


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