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TBFR introduces fees for gas line hits

By Adam Riley Aug 22, 2023 | 3:32 PM

Following a number of calls for service for gas line hits over the past year and a half, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is implementing a new fee which it hopes will curb the issue.

In Ontario it is a legal requirement for anyone planning any excavation work, but sometimes people disregard that step, which can result in a gas line being damaged or severed completely.

Now if a homeowner or contractor has not requested a locate and while digging they hit a gas line, Fire Rescue will charge the current MTO Rate for each vehicle sent to that call, which currently sits at $543.03 per vehicle, per hour.

“When locates aren’t requested it causes a delay in the repair of the gas line,” said Fire Chief Greg Hankkio. “When a line is broken, another locate needs to be done so other utilities aren’t disrupted. It’s also an unnecessary use of emergency services.”

To request a locate, Ontario One Call needs to be contacted five business days before digging starts, and those who request a locate are asked to wait until all the utilities, including natural gas, electricity, water, sewer and telecom are marked and or given the all clear by those who conduct the locates.

Private underground infrastructure should also be marked out prior to digging and project areas should be backfilled after completion.



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