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Premier Houston meets with HVC to discuss Fancy Lake flooding concerns

By Evan Taylor Aug 22, 2023 | 12:49 PM

Premier Tim Houston and MLA Becky Druhan met with Jamie Richards and Bruce Hebb of the Hebbville Village Commission to discuss flooding concerns at Fancy Lake. Photo: Jennifer Naugler.

Hebbville, Nova Scotia – In a concerted effort to tackle the pressing issue of recurrent flooding in Hebbville and its surrounding areas, Premier Tim Houston and local Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Becky Druhan met with the Hebbville Village Commission (HVC) in a strategic move to better comprehend the challenges faced by the community.

The recent meeting served as a way to bridge the gap between local concerns and provincial authorities, even though the matter primarily falls under the jurisdiction of municipal governance. The gathering at the Hebbville Fire Hall facilitated a discussion regarding the flooding predicament that has been a persistent cause for concern, particularly in neighborhoods adjacent to Fancy Lake.

Commissioner Jamie Richards, along with Glen Hebb, engaged Premier Houston in a comprehensive dialogue about the intricate dynamics of the flooding issue. During the interaction, the HVC representatives provided a comprehensive overview of the factors contributing to the flooding, including the inflows and outflows of Fancy Lake, the role of the Hebb Dam and Weagle Dam, and the regulatory constraints faced by the Town of Bridgewater’s Public Service Commission (PSC).

Richards expressed the urgency of finding effective solutions, emphasizing, “We all want to work together and we want to do this peacefully and respectfully, BUT, we need action.” The flooding, exacerbated by extreme weather events linked to climate change, has led to multiple instances of property damage and disruption for local residents.

The Premier was taken on a boat tour of Fancy Lake  by Commissioner Richards, Glen Hebb, who provided an on-the-ground understanding of the challenges faced by residents. This immersive experience aimed to equip the provincial representatives with first-hand insights into the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need for collaborative action to mitigate flooding risks.

The Premier’s engagement with the HVC underscores a proactive approach toward addressing the ongoing flooding concerns. Although the issue primarily pertains to municipal governance, the meeting symbolizes a shared commitment to work towards sustainable solutions and empower the local community.

The Hebbville Village Commission continues its dedicated efforts to represent the interests of the citizens of Hebbville and explore avenues for flood mitigation. While the road ahead remains complex, the collaboration between Premier Tim Houston, MLA Becky Druhan, and the HVC brings renewed hope for constructive change and a more secure future for the affected residents.

Earlier this month the HVC hosted a special meeting where residents came forward with potential solutions to this complex issue.


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