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More international students coming to Canada, making housing crisis worse: Federal Housing Minister

By Caitlin Snow Aug 22, 2023 | 1:00 PM

(Photo: From CPAC)

The cost of living is a growing concern.

With school fast approaching, Federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser is suggesting that too many foreign students coming to the country is making things worse. He said the international programs are based on demand and that there is really no set number to the amount of people who can enroll.  So now there is an issue of so many students coming, but not enough affordable homes.

“The international student program has seen such growth, in such concentrated areas that it is really start to put an unprecedented level of demand, in some instances on the job market, but given the economic conditions we’ve been living with, in the last couple of years, you see it in a more pronounced way on the housing market,” Fraser said.

Fraser added that we need to address temporary residents.  Especially when you see some colleges exploiting these students by accepting way more people into these programs, than spaces provided.

“When you see some these institutions that have five- or six-times the students enrolled than spaces for them in the building and you start to see them pop up in plaza colleges across the country, you need to start asking yourself some pretty tough questions.”

Fraser says institutions and different levels of government need to be part of a solution, making sure the students have a place to live.

Meanwhile, Minister of Immigration Mark Miller says the government does not plan on cutting back on the number of immigrants coming to Canada, at this point. He says many who come to the country are skilled workers who will help build homes and those who will contribute to the economy. He says some are also reuniting with family.

The country welcomed 431,645 immigrants last year and new targets will welcome 500,000 in 2025.


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