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UPDATE: Halifax Water has diverted the wastewater that was entering the Northwest Arm

By Joe Thomson Aug 17, 2023 | 4:08 PM

St. Mary's Boat Club is situated in the South end of Halifax, on the Northwest Arm. Photo: Google Images

Halifax Water released an update last night that the wastewater that was entering he Northwest Arm due to a system backup has been diverted and is no longer overflowing into the arm.

Untreated, unscreened waste was entering the water because of the system backup. Crews worked hard to solve the issue and that work is still ongoing to treat the water. In the meantime people and pets are still strongly advised to stay out of the water until further notice. On top of being just plain disgusting, wastewater can carry dangerous bacteria such as E.coli.

Other examples of wastewater where it shouldn’t be

Residents near Lower Sackville’s First Lake are no stranger to the effects wastewater can have on a body of water. For decades First Lake has dealt with a E.coli contamination.

Recently, it was discovered that the contamination was due to a wastewater leak that had been entering the lake. We spoke a representative from Halifax Water at the time and they said it would take years to fully decontaminate First Lake.

It is unclear when the Northwest Arm will be considered safe to swim and interact with again.


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