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City of Moncton considering car sharing service, input needed

By Tara Clow Aug 14, 2023 | 10:36 AM

The City of Moncton is looking for your input on car sharing.

City Director of Environmental Planning and Management Tim Moreman says it’s a pay-as-you-go service, “Car sharing is a service you sign up for and it lets you rent a car for an hour or two at a time. Unlike when you go to rent a car for a whole day and you go through the whole process, and all the paperwork, car sharing lets you access a vehicle for just a few hours at a time. It’s a really good option for people who may otherwise don’t want to commit to having their own vehicle and all the costs and all of the lifestyle choices that come with that. Sometimes you need a vehicle to get where you’re going.”

Several other big cities have car-sharing options, including Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, and they are provided by private companies.

“They’re very well used and have a lot of members,” Moreman adds.

With this survey, the city is trying to gauge the level of interest.

“Our survey is live on the city of Moncton website and on Let’s Chat Moncton. It’s a very short survey, five or six questions and it should take you five minutes to fill out. It’s asking people about, what car sharing is, and how likely would it be that they would sign up. Would they do it immediately? Would you do it in a few years, and also anything else they want to tell us about?” Moreman says.

The survey is available until August 31st.


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