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Detached building part of Mariners Centre expansion plans

By Kevin Northup Aug 11, 2023 | 5:56 AM

It looks like the Mariners Centre expansion will involve a detached building.

A concept design has been approved by the Expansion Board, that would see a one-level building constructed on the northeast side of the property.

The building will feature a gymnasium and pool.

In a release, the board says they’re trying to keep the project in scope of the 30-million dollars in government funding.

They say a separate building would be more energy efficient, and would allow the Mariners Centre and parking lot to operate normally during construction.

A more detailed design is being worked on, and public engagement sessions should happen this fall.

Expansion Committee chair Nicole Albright says the new structure would have everything on their list.

“It will include an aquatics centre, fitness facility and a walking track,” said Albright.

The Expansion Committee initially chose a concept that would build-on to the existing structure.

But Albright says that would have put them over budget.

She says the free-standing structure fits in with what they can do.

“It will be a wellness centre type of facility. It’s much less messy to construct, and we hope that will attract construction companies too.”

Albright says this is just the initial design, and tweaks can be made.


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