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Liberals say fire aid funding for lobster fishermen is barely a drop in the bucket

By Evan Taylor Aug 10, 2023 | 3:30 PM

(Photo: TDCB)

The Nova Scotia Government announced earlier this week that fishermen who sustained uninsured losses will be eligiable for a one time payment of up to $2,500 to deal with damages, however, the provinces opposition is saying it will barely have any impact.

Liberal leader Zach Churchill who represents the riding of Yarmouth where lobster fishing is a big industry says the amount being offered is a slap in the face,”I’ve heard from multiple operators that they are dealing with uninsured losses above $100,000, so the province offering them $2,500 isn’t going to do anything,”.

Churchill also noted that many of the fishermen are also dealing with damages at their homes as well.

“If more isn’t done to support these fishermen who are a key part of our economy there’s a very real risk that traps wont be going in the water by some of our operators,”.

While the province told our newsroom in correspondence that they are exploring other option to support fishermen nothing has been confirmed at the time.

Churchill would also like to see additional support offered by the Federal government as well.



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