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A plane drops a mix of water and fire retardant foam on the fire in Shelburne County (Photo Credit: communications Nova Scotia).

Lobster fishers impacted by Shelburne wildfire call for financial relief

By Kevin Northup Aug 9, 2023 | 11:56 AM

Uncertainty for some lobster fishers after the Shelburne County wildfire.

17 who lost nearly a million dollars worth of gear combined are disappointed.

After meeting with the province and then several weeks of waiting, the fishers were granted $2,500 each.

Kevin Doane fishes out of Ingomar and is a volunteer firefighter.

He says he lost 100 traps, 50 lobster crates and more gear, totaling about $60,000.

“$2,500 will not buy 10 pots at the prices we have to pay. Most of us that lost gear are volunteer firefighters, we were trying to save what we could save,” said Doane.

He lives in Roseway and lost a barn, but his home was spared.

But he knows some fishermen who lost everything.

Insurance does not cover most of the gear, as it would have to be stored inside a building.

Doane called the provincial funding offer ‘insulting.’

“A couple fishermen said if you’re going to give me $2,500, you can keep it. It was quite an insult. We are one of the biggest industries in this province, and we are contributing our tax dollars.”

In a statement to Acadia News, the provincial Department of Fisheries says the impacts continue to be felt from the wildfires, and they’ve heard from the seafood sector.

They say they continue to look for ways to support the industry, and Minister Steve Craig has raised the topic with the federal government.

Doane says not knowing what is going to happen is frustrating, because they need to know what to buy for the fall season in November.

He says other fishers have been very supportive and helping out those affected when they can.

Donation Day coming up:

The Brazil Rock 33/34 Lobster Association is hosting a Fisheries Fire Fund of Shelburne Gear Donation Day on August 26th at the Ingomar wharf.

It will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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