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Earwig sightings on the rise in N.B

By Tara Clow Aug 3, 2023 | 1:09 PM

No one likes to find bugs in or around their homes, especially earwigs.

At least one pest control company is getting more reports of the creepy crawlers this year.

Scott Patrick, an Area Manager with Orkin Canada says they’ve been coming out in droves, “I think the recent heatwave has brought them out. The heat draws them out, and then they go and look for the cool, damp areas to go and hide. We’re trying to help homeowners to get rid of them as quickly as possible.”

He says they like the moisture, so it’s a combination of the heat, humidity and rain over the past month.

Patrick says homeowners are more prone to see earwigs at night because they’re nocturnal, and when they come out they’ll be looking for food. Earwigs are omnivorous insects and will eat both plants and animals. They’ll feed on decaying plant matter, fruits, vegetables, and other insects.

“On the outside of your home, you’ll find them in mulch, under loose rocks, and patio stones.  They’ll go and hide under them. They are great climbers and can travel quickly. If you have rotting wood or stacks of firewood near your house, they should be moved. Trim back trees and brush, and fix the leaky drains. They’ll come in your home if you have cracks under your doors, through pipes and even through your laundry exhaust,” Patrick adds.

He says if you leave the problem too long, it could get worse and could continue into the fall months, depending on the weather.

“Once you start seeing them in your home, it is a concern, and you should consider calling in a professional,” Patrick adds.


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