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(Photo: submitted by Nature Conservancy of Canada)

NCC warning of invasive species called Phragmites

By Tara Clow Jul 31, 2023 | 7:37 AM

Property owners should keep an eye out for phragmites.

It’s a damaging invasive species also known as the European Common Reed.

“It would look like a very tall, very large grass. It’s kind of a dark green colour and can grow to five or six meters when it’s really growing well. At this time of year, it gets a flower head. It has a purply, round large, flowery flute at the top and it looks a little bit like the type of grass that people plant decoratively, like landscape, decorative grass, because it is quite large and attractive. It’s a very invasive species though and causes a lot of damage,” says Paula Noel with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Phragmites cause problems for various aquatic species, and they can kill surrounding plants.

“It does very well in wet areas, but it also does very well along roadways, and it is getting more prominent in the Maritimes,” Noel adds.

NCC says phragmites are a major problem for fish, turtles and other aquatic species, as well as those who enjoy swimming or recreational boating or paddling.

A lot of seeds are produced and can spread quickly, releasing toxins into the roots and killing surrounding plants.

Southern Ontario has been dealing with phragmites since the early 2000s but it has become so problematic and has taken over some wetland areas.

There are ways to identify phragmites. You can use a free app called ‘Inaturalist.’

“If you download that app, you can just take pictures of the plants that you see out and about and just upload them.  The app will actually suggest to you what that plant might be, but if you get it wrong, there are experts who are going to be looking at your pictures and correcting the identification. We’re all going to be looking for these sightings, to see where this is and get a better sense of how widespread,” Noel stated.



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