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Some N.B. cities on track for warmest July on record

By Brad Perry Jul 28, 2023 | 6:36 AM

If it has felt warmer and more humid than normal to you in recent weeks, we have some numbers to back that up.

Saint John and Moncton are on track for their warmest July on record, according to a meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“It’s mainly because of those overnight temperatures that have just been very warm,” Jill Mapea said in a recent interview.

Those warm overnight lows are due to a humid air mass that continues to bring uncomfortable conditions to New Brunswick.

Maepea said it is not uncommon for summer heat waves to bring unpleasant sleeping weather for two or three nights at a time.

“But there were stretches of several days, and even then it wouldn’t cool off much past 17 or 18 degrees,” she said.

So far in July, overnight lows in Moncton were 17°C or higher on 18 different days. According to Environment Canada data, the low has not fallen below 15°C the entire month.

Temperatures have been a bit cooler in Saint John thanks to the cooling effects from the Bay of Fundy, but overnight lows have remained at 15°C or higher on 11 different days.

Maepea said the humid air mass has also warmed up the adjacent waters surrounding the Maritimes.

“Where it hasn’t changed and it’s had the time to warm up, the water temperatures have warmed significantly,” she said.

Ocean temperatures are sitting above normal in many areas around Atlantic Canada, according to multiple reports.


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