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Premier Tim Houston says Bay of Fundy is a ‘world class’ resource

By Caitlin Snow Jul 27, 2023 | 2:52 PM

Premier Tim Houston. Photo: screengrab of Maritime Premiers

As our climate changes the weather gets more extreme. We have not only experienced historic wildfires but also flooding that is being described as a 1 in 1000-year event.

Premier Tim Houston told reporters that as a province we can combat climate change with green energy such as wind and hydro power.

He says the Bay of Fundy is a world class resource.

“If you took every river in the world and added the strength of all those rivers together, you might come close to the strength of the Bay of Fundy. Imagine that. It goes back and forth and it’s untapped,” said Houston.

Houston says there are so many jurisdictions that would love to have access to something like the Bay of Fundy and as a province they are trying to tap into that natural resource.

Coastal Protection Act

Our coast lines are at risk with the possibility of storm surge when there is a large storm, like the historic flooding we received this past weekend that brought over 200 mm rain.  The province is working on a Coastal Protections Act; however, they are still in consultations.

When asked by reporters if there is any point in delaying the Act anymore, Houston said because our 13, 000 km coastline is so diverse with beaches, marshlands and rocky cliffs, some that he says go 500 feet into the air, implementing the Coastal Protections Act is not as simple as it sounds.  Houston said because our coastline is so different from place-to-place, the Coastal Protection Act should not be a one-size-fits-all.  He says you could have legislation, or municipal zoning but that consultations will continue.


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