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N.B. expanding rabies prevention program this year

By Brad Perry Jul 26, 2023 | 7:08 AM

New Brunswick is expanding its rabies prevention program in western parts of the province this year.

Aircraft will drop around 341,000 vaccination baits over 7,150 square kilometres during the week of Aug. 12 to 18.

Dr. Nicole Wanamaker, the province’s chief veterinary officer, said there have been eight rabies cases involving raccoons in Carleton County since November.

As a result of these cases, two people had to be treated for exposure to rabies, said the province.

“With finding those cases, we’ve decided to expand our program further up north,” Wanamaker said in an interview.

Around 14,000 vaccination baits are also being distributed by hand in residential areas by the end of July.

Wanamaker said this effort is part of the rabies prevention and control measures conducted in western New Brunswick each summer.

“This is an important step in controlling the spread of rabies in our province,” she said.

The vaccine is contained in green blister packs with a label describing the contents, including a toll-free number.

Wanamaker said anyone who comes across one of the vaccination baits should leave it be.

Wash your hands thoroughly if you pick up a packet. Anyone who eats material from it should seek medical attention.

The chief veterinary officer said while the baits are safe for your pets, you should keep them away just the same.

Wanamaker also reminded pet and livestock owners to ensure their rabies vaccinations are up to date.

You are urged to call Tele-Care 811 if you see raccoons, skunks or foxes that appear sick and may have rabies.

If you have been bitten or scratched by an animal that could be rabid, you should seek medical attention promptly.


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