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Local businesses trying to curb bike thefts

By Tim Davidson Jul 25, 2023 | 4:39 PM

Bike thefts are rampant in Kenora.

That’s the feeling of Sue Evenden, who is helping to curb the trend using a new tool called Project 529.

Evenden works for the Northwestern Health Unit and at Anicinabe Park and says bikes that are stolen locally might end up in other communities.

“This is a uniquely Kenora problem,” suggests Evenden.

“My understanding is these bike theft rings, it is lucrative, where you can have a whole ring that stealing bikes moving right across the country, easy to sell, because of course they don’t know that it’s been stolen.”

Evenden is working with the Hardware Company to put the Project 529 stickers on bikes, which can be traced with the help of an app.

“It would empower the police to find a bike, you know when they see a bike, check the registered owner.  It also encourages people to write down the serial number, because that’s a huge thing.”

Evenden says the stickers are sold at the Hardware Company on Main Street for $3, or at the store at Anicinabe Park.



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