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Ellershouse's Loushanna Carr brings supplies through Ellershouse Road by kayak during a flood over the weekend (Contributed Photo)

West Hants woman kayaks for supplies during flood

By Kevin Northup Jul 24, 2023 | 12:49 PM

A small community in West Hants was cut-off over the weekend.

Ellershouse, about 15 minutes from Windsor, experienced a bridge wash-out at one end of the main road and a major flood at the other.

Resident Loushanna Carr noticed late Friday night that her basement was flooding.

“It was looking like something you’d see in a movie. Listening to the scanners it sure sounded like it. Flood waters were tearing apart both ends of our community, and we were in the middle,” said Carr.

About 4-feet of water filled her basement, they’ll have to renovate.

The basement of Loushanna Carr’s family home in Ellershouse was flooded during the storm. (Contributed Photo)

Then a mandatory evacuation order came in, but citizens weren’t able to go anywhere.

Carr took it upon herself to kayak to the other side of the flood to meet friends who had supplies.

“Just some gas and supplies and sugar and milk for coffee. I had some friends from the Valley drive to the other end in bumper-deep water, and they brought 3 jugs of gas. They knew people in the community would need it.”

Flood waters have since receded.

Carr says at one point, 2 vehicles were submerged in the flood.

Some areas of West Hants received nearly 300 millimetres of rain Friday into Saturday.

A section of Ellershouse Road was flooded Friday and Saturday (Contributed Photo)


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