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Melillo attends Manitoba Conservative caucus meeting

By Tim Davidson Jul 21, 2023 | 5:46 PM

The Kenora MP is in Churchill, Manitoba.

That’s where the Manitoba caucus of the federal Conservatives is taking place.

Eric Melillo believes they share some of the same issues on both sides of the border.

“Mental health and addictions…it’s unfortunately an issue people are experiencing right across the country, including Manitoba…not just in the city of Winnipeg but I think right across the province,” said Melillo prior to leaving for northern Manitoba.

“So I’m looking forward to joining Manitoba Conservative caucus members.  Talk about some of the issues that are in our communities.”

He also suggests his riding has a lot in common with the Manitoba ridings.

“I feel lucky enough to be invited to both our Manitoba and Ontario Conservative caucuses.  There is certainly a more close link with Manitoba. I think we have a lot more in common, but I also think there is great value being part of that discussion in Ontario.”

Melillo says he is also taking part in the Ontario Conservative caucus.


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