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Rissers Beach closed for swimming due to high bacteria levels

By Evan Taylor Jul 19, 2023 | 4:05 PM

Rissers Beach. Photo: NS Government.

Rissers Beach has been closed for swimming after water quality tests revealed bacteria levels are too high.

It is now one of three beaches closed along the South Shore, joining Bayswater (Lunenburg County) and Queensland (Queens County) which were both closed for swimming over the weekend.

The higher-than-usual bacteria levels are being attributed to the significant rainfall experienced in the region over the past month. During periods of heavy rainfall, soil runoff increases which in turn raises nutrient levels in the water along with water temperatures that create an environment in which bacteria thrive.

Paul D’eon with the Nova Scotia Lifesaving Society says water testing takes place daily and they will reopen the beaches as soon as the bacteria levels become safe once again.

Rissers remains open for camping and visitors can still walk along the beach while the water closure is in place.


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