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Elections NS forces province to pull Carbon Tax ads

By Kevin Northup Jul 18, 2023 | 11:52 AM

Mike Mozart / CC

Provincial ads attacking the federal Carbon tax have been pulled.

Elections Nova Scotia made the request after a complaint from the opposition Liberals.

Leader Zach Churchill says the ads were ‘partisan,’ and interfered with the Preston by-election.

“Tim Houston abused the public’s money to publicize his own partisan message. When that money should have come from the Conservative Party, not the taxpayers of Nova Scotia,” said Churchill.

He says Premier Houston should pay back the $56,000 used for the ads to taxpayers.

“We think that the PC’s should reimburse the taxpayers. They spent close to 60-grand on ads that Elections Nova Scotia deemed to be partisan in nature, and that’s not right.

The ads alluded to the Liberals being responsible for the tax and major hike at the gas pumps.

Elections NS said in a letter to the provincial Liberals that they made the request to Communications Nova Scotia staff to pull the remaining social ads due to the partisan nature of them.



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