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Alma businesses asked to conserve water

By Brad Perry Jul 17, 2023 | 12:45 PM

The annual influx of tourists in Alma is causing problems for the community’s water system.

A boil water advisory was issued for the community on July 5 after high turbidity levels were detected.

It is a frequent occurrence for the seaside area and its population of just under 300 people during the summer tourism season.

In an update posted on Friday, the Village of Fundy Albert said Alma’s water distribution system is “at capacity.”

“The anticipated tourist influx over the next six to eight weeks could have adverse effects on our municipal water system,” the village said in a Facebook post.

“Currently, our water system cannot fully recover during lower demand periods (such as during the night) and it is imperative that additional water conservation measures be put in place to allow the municipality to efficiently manage the anticipated tourist influx.”

Local businesses and rental property owners are being asked to restrict the use of public washrooms and close unnecessary ones to help conserve water.

The municipality said it has set up portable toilets in a number of locations around the community.

Other recommendations include minimizing laundry services, reducing the length and frequency of showers and baths, and avoiding using water for commercial needs such as landscaping and fishing operations.

In the meantime, the village said it is conducting a water consumption investigation to better understand heavy water usage during the peak tourism season.

“The objective of this investigation is to confirm if measures can be put in place to lower the overall daily water consumption and to reduce the frequency and the duration of boil water advisories,” said a post from the village.

The investigation by Englobe Corp. will include an in-person review of the existing water system and water usage procedures.

A public open house will take place within the next few weeks to provide information on current capacities and potential solutions.


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