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Three facilities in Queens being equipped to become comfort centres

By Evan Taylor Jul 14, 2023 | 11:56 AM

QUEENS – The provincial Community Generator Program will enable three additional community hubs in Queens to serve as comfort centres during power outages and emergencies. The Houston Government has partnered with these community organizations to purchase and install generators, ensuring their operational continuity during times of crisis.

The East Port Medway Community Hall Association, Milton Community Association, and Seaside Recreation & Community Centre Association have been selected as the latest beneficiaries of the Community Generator Program. MLA Masland expressed gratitude and excitement, acknowledging the significance of this support for the community. By equipping these organizations with generators, the program guarantees uninterrupted services, fostering preparedness and instilling a sense of security.

Under the second round of the Community Generator Program, the province has allocated nearly $2.2 million to aid a total of 66 community organizations. This initiative, established by the Houston Government in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, aims to assist community centres in acquiring and installing generators to enhance their resilience during emergencies. In the initial round, the program supported 180 organizations throughout the province, including the Port Medway Fire Department.

The program’s success lies in its collaborative approach, involving government support and partnerships with community organizations. The second round of funding continues to demonstrate the government’s dedication to building resilient communities throughout Nova Scotia.



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