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Four Fire Departments to serve as comfort centres in Cape Breton East thanks to Generator Program

By Caitlin Snow Jul 14, 2023 | 12:39 PM

Image: Facebook/Welsford Volunteer Fire Department

Four fire departments will serve as comfort centres during power outages and emergencies in Cape Breton East thanks to the Community Generator Program.

With the help of the Houston Government, generators will be installed so the fire departments can remain operational during a crisis.

The Departments include:

  • Albert Bridge Community Volunteer Fire Department

  • East Bay Volunteer Fire Department

  • Loch Lomond Volunteer Fire Department

  • Gabarus Volunteer Fire Department

“I am filled with gratitude as several organizations in our community will receive assistance through the program,” said Cape Breton East MLA Brian Comer. “With this support, these organizations can provide their invaluable services without interruption, bringing additional peace of mind and fortitude to Cape Breton East.”

The Houston Government created the program immediately after Hurricane Fiona and aided 180 organizations across the province with the first round, with the second round $2.2 million of provincial money will help 66 community organizations.



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