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The Astor Theatre in Liverpool was one of the first buildings selected for accessibility improvement in Queens County. Photo: Evan Taylor

Queens County receives funding to enhance accessibility in local facilities

By Evan Taylor Jul 13, 2023 | 11:45 AM

Liverpool, July 12, 2023 – Queens MLA Kim Masland announced today that Queens County has taken a significant step towards becoming more inclusive and accessible. Thanks to funding from the Houston Government, several organizations and businesses in the area will receive a total of $49,576 to enhance accessibility within their facilities.

The Region of Queens Municipality is set to receive $27,676 to install an elevator into Liverpool’s Cultural Centre and Theatre. This improvement will greatly enhance access for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring that they can fully participate in cultural events and activities held at the venue.

The Port Joli Community Association will benefit from $28,618, which will go towards constructing an exterior elevator ramp at their community hall. This addition will provide a seamless entry point for individuals with disabilities, making it easier for them to attend community gatherings and events.

Mersey River Holdings Ltd, a local business, has been granted $15,306 to construct showers and pathways, further improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These enhancements will not only create a more inclusive environment but also promote equal opportunities for all within the community.

Rosefinch Creative Inc, another local organization, will receive $50,018 to install a level floor. This development will ensure that their facility is fully accessible to individuals with mobility aids, enabling them to participate in creative activities and workshops without barriers.

MLA Kim Masland expressed her pride in supporting the municipality and these organizations in their efforts to create a more inclusive and accessible environment. She emphasized that investing in accessibility enhancements breaks down barriers and empowers individuals with disabilities to fully participate in their communities.

These local developments are part of a broader initiative in the province, with 96 projects benefiting from a $1.5 million investment through the Business ACCESS-ability and Community ACCESS-ability grant programs.



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