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KPDSB outlines capital spending projects

By Tim Davidson Jul 10, 2023 | 2:45 PM

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is planning to spend over $15 million on capital projects in the next school year.

Superintendent of Business Richard Findlay says they have projects scheduled for a number of their schools.

“Major expenditures for HVAC upgrades at Sioux Mountain School in Sioux Lookout for $2.1 million and at New Prospect School in Dryden for $1.5 million,” says Findlay.

“We do have a project that was slated for Beaver Brae.  Just because of circumstances, we did not get a bid we could accept.”

Findlay says there are three projects in all they want to do.

“The projects are worth almost $2.8 million and they are related.  We are looking at addressing accessibility issues, civil drainage and the mechanical retrofit.  We were hoping that project could begin this summer.”

Here are the 2023-24 KPDSB’s capital projects and the estimates:

Sioux Mountain PS 2023 HVAC – $2.1 million
Beaver Brae SS Mechanical Retrofit – $1.599,000
System Safe Schools – Rekeying/access control – $1.550,000
New Prospect PS 2023 HVAC – $1,544,000
Beaver Brae SS Civil Drainage & Accessibility – $1.2 million
Beaver Brae SS Board Office relocation – $1 million
Keewatin PS Building Envelope Retrofit – $ 1 million
Red Lake DHS Civil Drainage & Accessibility – $1 million
Golden Learning Ctr Civil Drainage/Outdoor Learning – $900,000
Red Lake DHS Mechanical re-commissioning – $750,000
Lillian Berg PS Roof Replacement/ Building Envelope – $560,000
Crolancia SS Childcare Renovation/System Backup & Efficiency – $500,000
Dryden High School Flooring Replacement $400,000
King George VI PS Playground & Outdoor Learning – $261,000
Beaver Brae Annex Roof Replacement – $150,000
Dryden RTCC Landscaping Partnership – $150,000
Ear Falls PS Phase 2 Outdoor Learning – $150,000
System Interior Signage Replacement – $150,000



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