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Premier calls for justice changes

By Randy Thoms Jun 30, 2023 | 1:30 AM

Ontario’s Premier would like changes to the justice system.

Doug Ford’s comments come from an exchange with reporters in Brantford regarding Ontario’s response to a 2022 Coronor’s inquest into a triple homicide in Renfrew County in 2015.

After saying the government is looking at the 22 recommendations put forward, he deflected to the suspect, who was on bail at the time.

“This guy was out on bail. He should have been sitting in jail. They give him a little slap on the wrist, they put him out there, and what happens? He goes out and kills three innocent women. Unacceptable,” says Ford.

Ford says violent offenders should never be granted bail.

He says that is where the federal government comes in.

“The feds, they have to change a justice system. They’re the ones that write the criminal code. It’s unacceptable. Enough of being weak on criminals that terrorize communities. Throw them in jail. Throw the key away. I’ll build the jails myself for these people.”

The province now operates 24 jails.


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