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Atlantic Premiers call on federal government to rethink the carbon tax

By Joe Thomson Jun 30, 2023 | 11:05 AM

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Atlantic Canada’s Premiers are asking residents for help to get the federal government to rethink implementing the carbon tax.

They’ve launched the Fight the Federal Gas Hike Campaign, encouraging residents to call their local MPs and ask them to rethink implementing the tax.

The Premiers are pleading with the federal government to develop a plan to address the disproportionate impacts of the carbon tax on Atlantic Canadians.

With the impending carbon tax about to take effect tonight at midnight, the Nova Scotia Liberals are calling out the Houston government for running what they call attack ads, instead of supporting Nova Scotians.

“With time running out before the carbon tax hits Nova Scotia at midnight tonight, the Houston government has chosen to fund a $56,000 ad campaign instead of helping Nova Scotians shoulder the dramatic price increase at the pumps,” they said via a press release.

The Liberals have spent the weeks leading up to the carbon tax’s start date calling for Houston to make changes that would take some of the financial burden off Nova Scotians.

“We are calling on him to lower income taxes, to freeze the provincial gas tax on the pumps… and we also think he can bring in a universal lunch program so all the families who are experiencing higher costs of food, they know their kids are going to have access to good quality food at school,” said Churchill.

Houston all along has pointed the blame at the federal government for coming up with the carbon tax in the first place. He spoke about how he thinks Ottawa is unfairly punishing Nova Scotians with the tax.

“It’s an unnecessary tax, it will not do anything to further our shared commitment to preserving the planet… the federal government is fixated on taxing people more, and we’re fixated on actual meaningful solutions that will protect the planet,” said Houston.

Regardless of who’s responsible or what can be done to help, the tax is coming.

You can expect some long line-ups at gas stations today as Nova Scotians scramble to fuel up while they still can.


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