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Carbon tax increases take effect Saturday

By Brad Perry Jun 30, 2023 | 12:52 PM

Filling up your vehicle’s fuel tank will cost you even more starting on Saturday.

An increase in the federal carbon tax on fuel products will take effect on July 1,

It means the price drop motorists saw on Friday will be all but eliminated.

For gasoline, the fuel charge rate will increase by 3.26 cents to 14.31 cents per litre.

Diesel will see a 3.97-cent increase to 17.38 cents per litre.

When it comes to propane, the fuel charge rate will go up 2.32 cents to 10.06 cents per litre.

Provincial HST will be added to those figures, meaning the price you pay at the pump will be slightly higher.

Meanwhile, New Brunswickers will start feeling the impacts of new Clean Fuel Regulations next Friday, July 7.

When approving its new “cost of carbon adjustor” formula earlier in June, the New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board said the increase will likely be in the range of eight cents per litre.

“While this amount is only a sample at a particular moment, and there will be some variables on each weekly calculation, it is indicative,” the board said in its 13-page ruling.

The increase will coincide with the weekly setting of fuel prices, so the price difference at the pumps could be higher or lower than the eight-cent estimate.

The new regulations require gasoline and diesel suppliers to reduce the amount of pollution from the fuels they produce.

New Brunswick passed legislation in December allowing for the costs incurred by suppliers to be passed on to consumers through the cost of carbon adjustor.

Heating oil prices will not be impacted by the new cost of carbon adjustor.


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