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Barrington Lake fire cleanup expected last most of summer

By Evan Taylor Jun 27, 2023 | 12:00 PM

Bridge repairs are ongoing around Shelburne County to repair damage caused by the Barrington Lake wildfire. Photo: NS DNRR Twitter.

The evacuation orders related to the Barrington Lake wildfire were all lifted over two weeks ago but cleanup and fire monitoring are expected to continue throughout the summer.

Shelburne District 2 Warden Penny Smitt says Natural Resources and Renewables remain in charge of the scene and are hard at work with fire remediation projects, “There are still 10 pieces of heavy equipment, along with 3 helicopters that are being used to haul equipment and people to where they need to be along with the over 30 NRR staff,”.

Smith says that local volunteer firefighters are deliberately not involved in the current efforts, as they were heavily involved at the height of the fire and are being given time to rest and recuperate.

In her conversations with NRR Smith says she was told that the fire will likely not be declared out until later this summer or possibly into the fall. Although there haven’t been any flames reported above ground in weeks, with fires of this size there is the possibility for hot rocks or embers that became buried and if resurfaced could cause things to reignite.

Smith also offered her thanks to all of the firefighters and other first responders from other parts of the province that came into assist, “We owe them a debt of gratitude, and although it’s not the kind of thing we can pay back all we can do it be ready to offer our help when they face a time of need,”.

Ongoing fire remediation work includes but is not limited to, hotspot monitoring, road and bridge repairs and hauling fire debris.




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