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(Photo: submitted by Ducks Unlimited)

Ducks Unlimited receives land donation in Pointe-du-Chene

By Tara Clow Jun 26, 2023 | 9:42 AM

Around 20 acres of salt marsh habitat in Pointe-du-Chene has been gifted to Ducks Unlimited..

The donation was made by the Anglican Parish, who had owned the land since 1878.

Manager of Atlantic Operations Adam Campbell says this includes six properties, “It gives us the opportunity to protect the land and keep it in its natural state, but then also raises the profile on the awareness of why salt marshes are so important.”

Campbell adds that there aren’t a lot of salt marshes left.

“We’ve done a number of salt marsh restorations in the last decade. By doing those we’ve done a lot of follow-up monitoring and evaluation, so we’re learning more and more about them. They’ve got an opportunity to trap carbon and store carbon. They also help with flooding events, especially after big storms because they actually dissipate wave energy really well, and it protects inland infrastructure from the wave action that would come their way if those features didn’t exist. They’re great nurseries for fish and bivalves and all kinds of wildlife that call those estuaries and waters home, and they’re good at purifying,” Campbell says.


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