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Province to reopen St. George Street shelter with new provider

By Tara Clow Jun 23, 2023 | 1:17 PM

The province is seeking a new provider for the St. George Street shelter.

Interim general Manager of City Service for the City of Moncton Jocelyn Cohoon says Moncton City Council has passed a motion to extend the lease on the City-owned building to the province.

“The province has indicated they have funding for a 24/7 drop-in centre as well as shelter services for extreme heat, and extreme cold as well as outreach funding. They will be seeking a new provider and City Council has allowed them to use our building for this pilot project which will be for up to a year. They will be back at that building as soon as they have a provider and they have a plan,” Cohoon says.

Currently, Charles Burrell has a contract for the centre that was run as a winter shelter, but the contract is only until June 30th.

“The Humanity Project has been doing a great job of operating that Centre for the province of New Brunswick. Once his contract is up, that building will close. Anyone being served there will be able to be served over at the Lions Centre on Mark Avenue. It is owned by the Lions Club, but rented by the province of New Brunswick to offer shelter services,” Cohoon adds.

The Mark Avenue location is set to close on July 30th, and the hope is the province will have secured a new provider for St. George Street by then.

“We’ll be working alongside the province, to make sure that those services are available. Once the plan is approved and the province of New Brunswick has secured a new provider. They will start that program at the building on St. George Street, and the project will run one year from that start date,” Cohoon stated.

Both the Mark Avenue site, which is currently operated by YMCA Reconnect, and the St. George Street shelter, were in operation over the winter, providing shelter for the homeless. More than 70 individuals were served daily at the St. George Street location, and up to 30 individuals were also served at the Lions Centre on Mark Avenue.   Both facilities were funded by the province of New Brunswick.

The Province has indicated that as soon as an operator is confirmed, a detailed operational plan will be available on or before September 30, 2023.


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