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Liberals want to see Houston’s housing strategy

By Kevin Northup Jun 23, 2023 | 12:01 PM

The province’s opposition leader wants to see a housing plan from the government.

Liberal Zach Churchill says the Premier is past his own deadline of spring for a housing strategy.

Churchill says it’s nearly impossible for Nova Scotians to find a place to live right now.

“Tim Houston promised we’d see more housing faster, and the opposite has happened. After losing houses to the wildfire, we’re going to be in an even more challenging position,” said Churchill.

He pointed to recent numbers from the CMHC, showing that vacancy in Halifax remains at one percent, and housing starts are down 50 percent.

He says it’s tough out there.

“People are paying higher rents, people can’t find places to live and homelessness is increasing. We have not seen tangible action from the Houston government on this.”

Recently, the government announced four new affordable housing units will be built on provincial land in the HRM and Antigonish.

In February, they announced over $50 million for upgrades to the public housing stock.


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