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Mariners draft 12 players, trade Roode to Red Wings

By Kevin Northup Jun 16, 2023 | 7:53 AM

The Yarmouth Mariners welcomed 12 new players in last night’s MHL Draft.

Yarmouth selected forward Luc Legere of the Halifax Macs with their first pick, 15th overall.

After announcing territorial selection Dawson O’Connell of West Pubnico, the Mariners took another local defenseman, Wedgeport’s Lucien Doucette in the seventh round.

Clark’s Harbour native Cohen Stoddard was drafted in the fourth round by the Valley Wildcats.

Yarmouth also announced forward Alex Roode was traded to Fredericton to complete the January deal for Nathan Kelly.

Complete Mariners draft list:

F Luc Legere (Halifax Macs) (2nd round, 15th overall)
D Dawson O’Connell (South Shore Mustangs) (Territorial 1)
D Patrick Lambe (Mount Academy) (3rd round, 48th overall)
D Ethan Anderson (Mount Academy) (Territorial 2, 60th overall)
F Maddex Marmulak (Halifax Macs) (4th round, 64th overall)
F Connor Malana (Dartmouth Steele Subaru (4th round, 72nd overall)
F Landon Garber (South Shore Mustangs) (5th round, 73rd overall)
F Ben O’Brien (Pinnacle Growlers) (5th round, 82nd overall)
D Lucien Doucette (South Shore Mustangs) (7th round, 108th overall)
D Ben Manos (Weeks U18) (8th round, 111th overall)
D Grayson Pardy (Central Impact) (8th round, 116th overall)
D Max D’Arcy (Dartmouth Steele Subaru) (8th round, 120th overall)


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