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The Brighter Days Campaign wrapped up on Wednesday, with a final fundraising total of $10,275,81. Photo: HSFSS

Brighter Days Campaign comes to a close, raising over $10 million

By Evan Taylor Jun 15, 2023 | 11:48 AM


The Health Services Foundation of the South Shore has achieved a remarkable milestone with its capital campaign, as it announces a grand total of $10,275,851 raised in support of the redevelopment of South Shore Regional Hospital. The campaign, known as “Brighter Days,” exceeded its initial fundraising goal of $9.5 million thanks to generous contributions from individuals, businesses, and other charitable organizations.

Over a span of two years, the dedicated volunteers of the Brighter Days campaign, in collaboration with the Health Services Foundation staff, worked tirelessly to secure donations, including three substantial gifts of $1 million each. The success of this fundraising initiative has left Health Services Foundation Executive Director Arleen Stevens astounded by the final total.

“The journey from the campaign’s inception to the impressive outcome we see today is truly remarkable,” expressed Stevens. “The $10,275,851 raised is an extraordinary gift from our community to the South Shore Regional Hospital. It has been heartwarming to witness the community rallying behind this long-awaited redevelopment.”

Discussions surrounding the revamp of the South Shore Regional Hospital have been ongoing for the past 16 years. In 2020, plans for the $115.7 million project finally materialized. The surplus funds collected beyond the initial campaign goal will be placed into the Brighter Days Legacy Fund. This fund will continue to support the various departments involved in the South Shore Regional Hospital Redevelopment, including the Emergency, Endoscopy, and Day Surgery Departments, as well as the forthcoming Dialysis Unit, MRI scanner, and SPECT-CT scanners.

While acknowledging that the capital campaign and redevelopment are not a panacea for all healthcare challenges in the region or the province, Campaign Co-Chair David Himmelman expressed gratitude for the community’s support, emphasizing the positive impact it would have on healthcare for all residents of the South Shore.

Himmelman’s fellow Co-Chair, Tim O’Regan, reflected on the unconventional timing of the campaign, which commenced during the COVID-19 pandemic. He noted that despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, the pandemic underscored the importance and dedication of healthcare professionals in safeguarding community well-being. O’Regan expressed satisfaction with the significant amount raised, which will contribute to making the hospital’s environment the best it can be.

The ongoing redevelopment project aims to construct a two-story addition that will house expanded departments, including Emergency, Endoscopy, and Dialysis. The completion of this addition is projected for late 2025. Subsequently, the MRI scanner is scheduled to be added by 2026, and the expansion of the Day Surgery Department is expected to conclude the project in 2027.

For more information on the campaign’s achievements and the latest updates on the redevelopment, interested individuals can visit healthservicesfoundation.ca/brighter-days.


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