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Injured turtle needs a ride

By Tim Davidson Jun 9, 2023 | 1:43 PM

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The Ontario Turtle Hospital is looking for a ride for an injured turtle and some turtle eggs.

Kelly Wallace from the Think Turtle Conservation Initiative says the turtle and the eggs are from Kenora.

“The turtle and the eggs going to arrive in Dryden today,” explains Wallace.

“Once they are in Dryden we need to find someone that can either transport them all the way to Sudbury, or if there is someone that can drive them partway, then the Turtle Hospital would be working on making connections.”

Wallace says they had a second turtle from Kenora that was injured, but it died earlier this week.

It’s eggs are still alive through, and the hatchlings will be released back in the Kenora where they were found, when they are ready.

They are open to partial travel connections to breakdown the drive into smaller chunks. These connections include:

  1. a)  Dryden to Ignace
  2. b)  Ignace to Upsala
  3. c)  Upsala to Thunder Bay
  4. d)  Thunder Bay to Nipigon
  5. e)  Nipigon to Terrance Bay
  6. f)   Terrance Bay to Mobert
  7. g)   Mobert to Wawa
  8. i)   Wawa to Agawa Bay
  9. j)    Agawa Bay to Ste. Sault Marie
  10. k)   Ste. Sault Marie to Blind River
  11. l)    Blind River to Espanola to Sudbury

You can contact 705-741-5000 and push ‘9’ or stay on the line to talk with the Turtle Taxi Team.



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