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CPAC Screen Capture June 7th 2023

Poilievre filibusters budget bill

By Adam Riley Jun 8, 2023 | 8:55 AM

Members of Parliament were burning the midnight oil last evening as part of discussion on the implementation of the 2023 federal budget.

Living up to comments made earlier Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre spent some time filibustering the bill to prevent its passage, and in doing so targeting what he believes are the problems with housing in Canada.

“We know that cities that are controlled by woke left NDP-Liberal mayors are the worst gatekeepers of all, ironically they are the most determined to keep poor people from owning homes.”

C-47 was introduced earlier this year which included a centrepiece $13 billion expanded dental plan, a grocery rebate plan and a deficit of around $40 billion.

Critics of the budget noted it contained no money for housing.

While speaking Wednesday night Poilievre presented part of his plan on how to kick start housing in Canada, which includes tying federal dollars for infrastructure projects to housing.

“The amount of dollars you get for infrastructure will be linked to the number of houses that actually get completed and I will require all big cities increase housing construction by 15% per year.”

Poilievre’s comments also included his disbelief that countries much smaller than Canada have more housing available, and even mused over requiring every federally funded transit station have high density housing built over and around those stations, like Hong Kong.

In order to pass the budget would require support from the New Democrats.




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