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New 50/50 healthcare draw provides Quad Counties with equal opportunity for support

By Joe Thomson Jun 8, 2023 | 3:18 PM

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There’s a new way to support hospitals in the Quad Counties.

Over 20 healthcare foundations from across Nova Scotia came together to create a new 50/50 fundraising draw.

Philanthropy officer Shannon Shields says the draw is unique in the way it spreads money between each organization.

“The difference between our draw and others is that all of the funds that going to the foundations are going to be evenly divided. So, the largest healthcare foundation is going to get the same amount as the smallest Health Care Foundation,” said Shields.

That means participating hospitals in the quad counties, like St. Martha’s Regional and Victoria County Memorial, will get the same amount of money as bigger hospitals across the province, such as Halifax’s QEII hospital.

Shields says the money will go things like purchasing equipment and funding scholarships for prospective healthcare workers.

“We’re hoping to see some of that kind of circled back to benefit us in the long run. But short term, it will help with purchasing equipment and getting the things that we need to the places that need it most,” said Shields.

The draw takes place once a month with the next one happening on July 4. You can purchase tickets for the draw at healthcare5050ns.ca.


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