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Courtesy: Moncton Cares

Moncton Cares helps newcomers integrate

By Allan Dearing Jun 8, 2023 | 6:11 AM

Newcomers helping newcomers is how the non-profit Moncton Cares got started.

The group has welcomed more than 1,100 people in the last year and helps them integrate into the community.

Founded by Ketan Raval, who is a former newcomer himself, the group provided an update to Moncton City Council this week about the work they are doing.

Originally from Australia, Jack Stewart is a volunteer who said contact with newcomers starts at the airport.

“To bring newcomers not just into contact with other newcomers but then on into the community itself. Of course we are an advocate for immigrant minorities, so if someone has an issue normally they speak to us.”

Stewart said becoming a volunteer has been a very enriching process.

“To go to the airport to welcome someone and to follow up with them as a friend really opens your eyes. It’s not just the cultural differences that are there but maybe what other people are facing.”

The group is urging more local residents to become volunteers and to befriend newcomers.

Stewart noted how existing volunteers are diverse individuals from around the world.

The group also introduces newcomers to local sports and culture and to activities such as camping.

Moncton Cares has a website and a mobile app with local information such as accommodations, job listings, language courses and more.


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