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Gary Crossman (Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick)

MLA challenges minister over stench from plant

By Allan Dearing Jun 7, 2023 | 5:52 PM

The MLA for Kent North has challenged the environment minister to camp out for two weeks next to a plant in Richibucto which has been emitting a bad odour.

Kevin Arseneau told the provincial legislature that the situation has become unbearable for residents with a school and a rec centre nearby.

“We have kids vomiting in school because of the stench. We have residents that have to go to their families a few miles away to go sleep at night since they cannot sleep because of the stench.”

Environment Minister Gary Crossman said he didn’t notice a stench when he last visited Richibucto but added the matter is being taken seriously and it can’t be fixed overnight.

“The department continues to conduct frequent site visits. They are there on the spot during hours, after hours, and in between. I know our deputy minister was there as well a week or so ago. They do their odour surveys throughout the community.”

Coastal Shell Products is a shell drying plant which converts seafood waste into bio-organic fertilizer for export to Asia.

Crossman said the company has been given an extension until June 30 to come up with a plan on how to mitigate the odour.

Residents in the area have been complaining about a foul odour from the plant since it opened in 2016.


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