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Ford blasts Corrections Commissioner

By Tim Davidson Jun 7, 2023 | 2:11 PM

Some harsh words for Canada’s prisons system to move convicted killed and rapist Paul Bernardo to a medium security facility.

Premier Doug Ford didn’t mince words about the decision.

“As for this scumbag, Bernardo…should rot in Hell.  He should rot in a maximum security prison the rest of his life…this guy doesn’t deserve less restrictions,” Ford ranted in the Ontario Legislature on Tuesday during Question Period.

Ford is also calling for the resignation of the Commissioner of Correctional Services Canada.

“I’m going to quote the Correction Services Commissioner, “we want Canadians to have confidence in our decisions”.  Well Commissioner, I’ll tell you no Canadians have confidence in your decisions.  You should step aside, step down or should be fired.”

Ford went on to tell MPP’s at Queen’s Park, that Bernardo should be in a maximum security jail 23 hours a day and let out one hour in the general population.


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