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A map outlining the active forest fires in New Brunswick as of late afternoon on May 30, 2023. Red signifies out of control, orange is contained, yellow is under control and green is being patrolled. Image: Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development

N.B. not planning to close Crown land amid dry conditions

By Brad Perry May 31, 2023 | 10:56 AM

New Brunswickers are being urged to stay out of the woods due to extremely dry conditions.

But the province has no plans to close Crown land to industrial and recreational activities.

It made the rare move back in June 2020 amid extreme fire hazard levels caused by dry conditions.

Roger Collett, the province’s wildfire prevention officer, said the province the conditions are different this time around.

“When we last did that, it was later in the summer. The ground itself was really, really dry compared to what we’re looking at right now,” Collet told reporters on Tuesday.

“All we really need right now is a little bit of rain and things are back to normal, whereas in mid to late summer, it could be a lot more extreme and take a lot more rain.”

QuadNB is asking its members to stay out of the woods for the time being amid the dry conditions.

In a letter posted to Facebook, general manager Jacques Poirier said the forest is very dry and “anything could cause a spark.”

“QuadNB is asking for your help at this time and we ask that you do not organize any ATV activities for the next two weeks,” said Poirier.

“If you are planning an ATV Run, an ATV Poker Run, or an ATV Rally, we ask that you postpone it to a later date, until the trails are safer for everyone.”

Poirier said members who “insist” on riding their all-terrain vehicles at this time should take some water, a cell phone and a first aid kit with them.


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