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Peak Perks for lowering electricity use

By Randy Thoms May 25, 2023 | 3:35 PM

Image: Randy Thoms

The Ontario government is out with a new energy savings program.

The Peak Perks program aims to lower energy use when electricity consumption is at its highest.

Energy Minister Todd Smith says the program will start next month.

“Participating customers who enroll in this voluntary program are going to receive a $75 promotional prepaid credit card this year and an additional $20 prepaid credit card for each year that they stay in the program,” says Smith.

Participants must also have a Smart thermostat installed, along with central air conditioning or a heat pump unit.

“Peak Perks has been designed to ensure that participants are always in control, and customers can opt out of any temperature change event without impacting the incentive that they receive through this program. That means if you’re planning a party at your home, or you’re home sick, or you just need the air conditioning up after a workout on a hot day, you’re always in control of your thermostat,” says Smith.

Participants will receive a notification when one of ten annual temperature changes will occur through their thermostat manufacturer on their mobile app and their thermostat.

The program is to begin next month.

Anyone interested can register by going to SaveOnEnergy.ca/PeakPerks.

The province estimates there are more than 600,000 Smart thermostats already installed.


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